Women supporting women – If you know someone out there that is expecting a baby for the first time, you need to share this post with them! The power of women supporting other women is incredible. The transition into Motherhood can be a difficult and emotional time for any new Mum. For the first time you must put your needs and wants to one side so that you can make room for your new baby’s needs and wants. This is a new feeling that you begin to truly understand as those first weeks of Motherhood set in.

Trying to find the balance between your needs and your Baby’s needs is a real struggle. All to often we tend to neglect ourselves during this time. We give all our energy to our new baby and leave little to none to ourselves. This is an inbuilt instinct and natural reaction. Wanting the very best for our new baby is what us Mama bears are built to do. We instinctively nurture and protect our tiny little bundles with every ounce inside us.

Sometimes this new chapter becomes too much and we begin to question ourselves, our abilities, question our role and in some ways lose a piece of ourselves as we shed the individual that was and evolve into a most complex being, a Mother!

We understand

As a fellow Mammy, I myself have had these feelings and emotions during different phases of this journey that is parenthood. The advice and tips shared by my close family and friends always came from a good place. However, I remember feeling on some level judged, rather than I feeling helped. Most of the tips I actually took on board came through what I read online, through other parenting Blogs. (Many of the tips and advice my family & friends had also shared with me). I was able to accept tips and advice from strangers rather than those closest to me, even though both offered mostly, the same thing….. Clearly this was my own ego trying to convey that I had everything in control and didn’t need help. Yet in the background there I was looking for help and advice online!

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Reaching Out

So I decided to create this Blog, Women supporting Women and dedicate it to the New Mammy, New Mum, New Mother, New Mom, New Mama or whatever title you now go by. If like me, you are scrolling through the web for advice. Just last night I posted a question on my Instagram stories, asking you to share one piece of advice for any New Mama to be or being, out there. The response was so phenomenal and the advice was exactly the type of thing I think every Mam needs to hear.

Women supporting women New Mum Panda Loves Baba

Below you will find a list of quoted advice from my Instagram @pandalovesbaba My hope is that this Blog will reach someone out there that needs some guidance and will find some useful tips to help through those difficult transition times. A common trend I noticed was the focus on Self Care. I found this so inspiring. We need to ensure we are slotting time aside everyday for some self care for ourselves. Don’t feel guilty. Having time for you is crucial to ensure you can give your 100% Mama Lioness to your Baby Cub! Take the advice and the tips below. They come from real life Irish Mother’s. #irishmammy “

When asked, “If you could give one piece of advise to a New Mum, what would it be?” This is what our Mum’s said:

“Your baby thrives on care, food and rest….so do you so look after yourself too!”

“Get as much rest as you can, when you can, there will always be laundry and dirty dishes.You and your baby are a bigger priority”

“Just breath. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Be kind and gentle on yourself.x”

“If you feel like the walls are closing in, dont suppress the feels, share it someone. My public health nurse was an amazing support to me in the early months”

“Relax and just go with the flow, grab sleep where you can get it and take all the help that is offered.”

“If someone offers help, learn to take it without feeling judged”

“Follow your instincts. Trust in yourself”

“You dont have to have all the answers all the time”

“You are loved, you are imporant”

“Batch cook as much as you can once a week. You’ll be so glad you did on those days that you are completely shattered!”

“Fix at least 1 day or night every 6 weeks with your partner to go out together”

“Join a group, an exercise class, a book club, a spa day with your girls. Have something to look forward to for yourself every month!”

“You are amazing, your body is amazing, you created a miracle! #girlpower”

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Amanda Rispin

Irish Mammy to 2 boys
Childcare and Montessori professional
On a personal journey to improve my wellbeing and my personal development

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