Pit Putty Deodorant


100% natural – aluminum free – vegan!

A blend of plant oils, butters, naturally mined powders and scented with
pure essential oils.
Pit Putty is known for being the most effective natural deodorant on the market.

Directions for use: Massage a small bean sized amount of Pit Putty into the underarm, allowing to absorb, for all day protection.

Over application may cause skin irritation



Pit Putty Deodorant is an effective natural deodorant, safe for the whole family to use.

Using only 100% natural and vegan ingredients, this innovative product is completely free from harmful chemicals, aluminium oxides and preservatives.

Pit Putty is said by many to be the most effective natural deodorant available on the market!


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Pit Putty’s Story so far…..

In 2014, after some brief research, I decided to put garlic cloves in my ear and switch to a natural deodorant brand. I ended up sitting in the surgery of my local GP, deaf in one ear and smelling of B.O. Here’s why…

 A month earlier Laura and I were discussing her work colleague who had been diagnosed with skin cancer. This really opened our eyes, since her doctor’s professional advice was to stop using unnatural skincare products which contain chemicals such as SLS, found in detergent soaps and body washes. If these unnatural ingredients are so bad, why are we knowingly covering our skin with them every day, we questioned. Laura and I switched many of our cosmetic brands to the natural alternatives, but we found that not all products were made equally. The many natural deodorants that we tried would sometimes work on Laura, but had limited effect on me. In short, I stank!

Developing an ear infection seemed like a fantastic opportunity to experiment with another natural alternative. I blended a mixture of garlic and olive oil to create a naturally antibacterial solution, dropped into my ear every few hours. While it seemed like a great idea at the time, having dried garlic suctioned off my ear drum was not an experience I would recommend to anybody. Luckily, almost loosing my hearing and being the butt of every garlic joke did not stop our passion and obsession for natural skincare alternatives.

Fast forward to 2016 and we had perfected our recipes for natural soaps, scrubs, balms and bath bombs, all made naturally without any SLS or harmful chemicals, and all great for the skin. We decided to take the plunge and apply to sell at the local market in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, in the north west or Ireland. The products flew off the shelves and we spent many more hours in our kitchen perfecting old recipes and creating new ones. This is when natural deodorants came back to our attention, with a goal to create a nourishing natural deodorant, that even worked on me!

Whilst looking into how deodorants actually work, we found that most products were antiperspirants and as such actually prevented sweating by clogging the sweat glands with aluminium! A quick Google search later and we found countless other sites insisting that it is this aluminium which can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia whilst also highlighting preservatives as having the potential to be carcinogenic as well. Even though what we found was often inconclusive, we didn’t want to take the risk with the products we made and decided the product had to be preservative free, aluminium oxide free, 100% natural and importantly, ultra-effective!  It took 6 months of trying out and improving many formulations and learning from many failures to create the product which is here today, creatively named Pit Putty, by Laura.

We got a sense that allot of people struggle to find an effective natural deodorant, and that we have a product that could really help people. We were over the moon and decided that out of all our skincare range, Pit Putty was the most unique and held the most benefit.

Now, in 2018, Pit Putty is established as a brand known for its quality organic ingredients and fun eco-friendly packaging. We sell 1,000+ Pit Putty’s every month to customers across Ireland and the UK. And we’re proud to say, Pit Putty – The natural deodorant, that works!

Additional information

Weight 65 g

Lavender & Lemon, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Lemongrass & Tea Tree, Three Flower


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