Little One’s Wallpaper – Blue Moon & Cloud



Meet a new and unique product in the wallpaper industry – Ecodeco™. Eco Friendly Wallpaper. It provides innovative green technology for the production of your favorite wallpaper in an environmentally friendly way.

The Little One’s wallpaper collection by GrandecoLife uses the ecodecoTM technology in orderto create not only a happy but also a healthy environment in the nursery or children’s room.

Moon, Star and cloud Non Woven Wallpaper (Paste the Wall)

Standard Size roll 0.53m Wide * 10m Long

Made in Belgium

Little ones 95LO2003


Please note wallpaper will be dispatched within 7 – 10 days


Eco Friendly Wallpaper


Why Choose Ecodeco?

Eco Friendly WallpaperSimilar in design and quality, but produced in a nature-friendly way, PVC-free Ecodeco™ wallpapers are simply a more convenient and healthy choice for your walls.

  • Ecodeco™ wallpaper looks exactly the same as PVC wallpaper.
  • Ecodeco™ wallpaper has the same or better quality, wear resistance and can provide great interior design possibilities.
  • Ecodeco™ wallpaper has the same price range as PVC wallpaper.
  • It contains no PVC, no plasticizers and no harmful additives of any type. Ecodeco™ based wallpaper produces no migration either during production or use. It can also be easily recycled after use.


Eco Friendly Wallpaper EcodecoTM  based Wallpaper has a very low ecological footprint as certified by the Eco Institute label using extensive tests going far beyond the legal requirements. Products are eligible for the eco-INSTITUT-Label if they are harmless and ecologically agreeable.

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