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Spring time is an exciting time to introduce so many lessons to our children in growth, life, our environment, the creatures that start life during this season, transitions and changes that take place in them and awareness to our own bodies, abilities and growth.

It is also a great time to look at ourselves and our own personal growth.

I took a huge leap in my own personal growth on the 3rd of March, when I took part in an Inspiring Women’s event in Trim Castle, Co. Meath. The invitation to do so, came during February from the very lovely Aisling Dempsey, who was hosting the event. To say I was shocked is an understatement. To stand up in a room of over 100 people and talk, is something I would never put myself forward to do.

When I started this Blog my goal was and still is to inspire and support. To hear that it was doing just that and so much so, that it was seen to be good enough, to be included in such a fantastic line up of speakers, was the greatest compliment to me.  Hearing kind words on my work that is so personal to heart is the greatest reward and reminds me of why I decided to do this in the first place.

As terrifying as public speaking is to me, a bigger part of me wanted to do it. It is one of those things on my bucket list that I’ve been wanting to cross off for quite some time. The day finally came and I was entirely shaking in my boots! Bobby Kerr was MC for the afternoon. After light conversation at the table, if I was to sum him up in one word it would be Gentleman. He shared his personal story to date with the room and kindly came to my rescue with a microphone malfunction when it was my turn to speak. Not so much a malfunction…more like it was simply turned off and I didn’t know how to turn it on……..tomato faced I began my piece.

I spoke about my own journey on a personal level with bringing wellness into my life and then shared what wellness means to our children and ways we can support it at home, day to day. My friend Amy Douglas from Restoring Roots Nutrition, joined me on stage as she was a major stepping stone in assisting me to understand a new relationship with food in a healing way.

Selene Brennan ( Project Happy Life), Shane Breslin ( Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host), Siobhan Payne( No Payne No Gain) and Niamh Sherwin Barry (The Irish Fairydoor Company) all shared personal path’s, ups and downs, ambitions and personal goals. Please click each name to find out more about them. 

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The entire day was completely stunning and gave me the opportunity to shed a dusty layer of skin that I had been under and emerge renewed and cleansed in a way. I got such a lift from stepping outside of the box for a day. Something I never thought I would or could ever do….but I did it and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

There is no finish line in personal development. It’s an ongoing process. Once I truly understood this, I began to enjoy the journey of finding out what I could achieve. Meet my fears and insecurities as brave and as strong as my comfort zones. Break out of the box!

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I would love to hear from you. What is it that you are most uncomfortable with? What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?

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Amanda Rispin

Irish Mammy to 2 boys
Childcare and Montessori professional
On a personal journey to improve my wellbeing and my personal development

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