Goodbye Handbag, Hello Baby Bag!

When I think back to 2016 just before the birth of my first son, I remember my anxiety levels were through the roof. So many worries, fears of the unknown but also excitement on the pending birth of my baby. I was so nervous and fearful of going into labour. I didn’t know what to expect. Living just under an hour from my hospital, I was entirely convinced that I wouldn’t get to the hospital on time.

One fear that distinctively stands out, happen upon me when I came home with my gorgeous newborn son. I remember thinking what would happen to him if anything happened to me. Family and friends had told me of this fear but it really didn’t sink in with me until I had my baby home in my arms.

Whenever I left the house I would pack so many supplies it would take over an hours planning of what to take, then pack it, then unpack it, then re-pack it. My bag was bursting at the seams so much so I couldn’t close the zip! So I would unpack….. some of it …..and add a side-kick bag to go with the main bag. Then I would look for something and have to unpack 60% of the bag to find what I wanted. Now I had two bags, a car seat with baby on board, a pram and also my own handbag.

Why was I packing so much stuff? I was making sure that in the event we had an accident or something happened to me (as my heightened irrational hormones had convinced me) Perhaps a sudden blizzard would hit or a heatwave should strike and you just never know when a nappy explosion could erupt so we definitely need sixteen vests and 4 packets of wipes in there too……..just in case pig start flying!

*Please note if your a first time parent to be and your wondering what in the world a nappy explosion is……It’s pretty self explanatory. When it happens you’ll know. Trust me!

Me swanning around the house taking selfies with my bump and new changing bag. So much time on my hands pre babies!

Anyways let’s just say those days died along with my ridiculous notions of ‘What if’s’! and My daily baby bag is looking much slimmer now even though I have a 28 month old and a 10 month working out of it. How is it possible?Keep reading!

What is an absolute must is a decent Changing Bag. I was very lucky to be gifted a beautiful bag at my Baby Shower from family, as you have seen before in my last post.

What does a well designed changing bag look like?

Click Here

Cath Kidston changing bag complete with bottle pouch, changing mat, toiletries bag
Inside view. Note zipped compartment and net compartment

Bottles will leak and things will get sticky, so waterproof and wipe-able is an absolute must! You need a bag that has a compartment specifically for easy to reach items such as favorite soother/comforter or a snack because there will be many moments when you are out and about and baby needs a little distraction or comfort. A thermal bottle holder, if bottle feeding. A foldable changing mat. Finally a zipped toiletry bag that fits inside and isn’t going to take up too much space.

What should I pack?

Click on any of the items above to go directly to the products I have personally use. Some items I use alternatives until I do a stock up shop. I also keep my changing mat inside the wet bag and resuse your little bottles by refilling them. Saves space and less waste!

Current contents of my changing bag.
Current contents of my baby’s toiletries bag
Everything fitting neatly in with room to spare. Note missing banana my toddler swiped between photos πŸ‘Ό

My inner Ecowarrior sent me to back when I was looking for products that were kind on my baby’s skin and also eco-friendly. There is such a wonderful selection of products for both Mum and Baby on this site. Even if your not expecting yourself, perhaps you know someone who is. Surprise them with a gift!

Speaking of gifts Siobhan at has kindly given me an exclusive discount code to share with all my readers. Simply enter discount code PANDA10 at the checkout to get 10% of all products on her site! Go on spoil yourself!

Thank you to the readers who’s questions inspired this post. I am so delighted to hear how many of you are using my checklist for your hospital bags. Warm fuzzies going on here! I appreciate all your kind words of encouragement. If you have any questions for me I would be delighted to hear from you. You can get in touch through clicking here for facebook, here for instagram or by filling in the contact form here.

Warm Regards


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