Over recent years a lot has changed for me. My lifestyle is different now that I have a family of my own. I am happy to say it has definitely changed for the better.

Weaning my family into a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle is an ongoing process. Prior to my efforts I was picking up whatever to clean my home, whatever to wash my clothes, whatever to paint my face, whatever to feed myself. I put no thought into where anything came from or what it was made from and definitely never considered the effects of anything I did on the environment. Completely blind to the real world and what was really happening around our world.


Since exploring the world of environmentally friendly products I have learned that there seems to be many question marks on whether products claiming to be eco friendly really are or not. But what I have taken from my research of this market is that these ‘eco friendly’ products are without a shadow of a doubt, for me, far better for our planet than what is currently leading the market in mainstream home cleaning products, make up brands, food etc.

A friendly conversation with family on organic food and the way media would have us shop, raised two points that had me thinking over the past few days.

  1. Why is ‘organic foods’ or ‘eco friendly’ products labelled as such. Shouldn’t pesticide invested foods and harsh chemical riddled products have CLEAR labels and a section in the shops too? Perhaps an aisle for Animal Tested Products or an aisle for Toxic Environmentally Hazardous Products. I guess it isn’t so appealing to consumers? If our shopping aisles were labelled this way people might get ideas. People might start looking at what they were supporting every time they spent money. Its our money that supports these brands. I recently watched a video on how Icelandic consumers stopped buying toothpaste that came in boxes. There was no need for the box so what purpose had it only to ‘look better’. The people of Iceland stopped buying it, so now if you go to any shop in Iceland you can only buy toothpaste by the tube. No box. Consumer Power right there. Follow this link to learn more about how they did it!
  2. What do you say to ‘well it’s okay for you to use organic foods in your meals or eco friendly products in your home because your at home all day? I really don’t like the perception out there, that people who work from home, dont really work. That their work is less important because they are in the home. My work is important. My work is relevant. The ‘ECO’ path I began to take started after the birth of my 1st son who developed atopic eczema and I began using cloth nappies. You can read more about that by clicking here. Am I to be judged as having to much time on my hands because I decided to try create a natural and environmentally conscious home and lifestyle for my family? For wanting to lead by example for my children? Stop the judgement and start taking inspiration from each other. Support each other. Guide each other.


In case you wondered, yes I highly admire David Attenborough! With those questions answered and my mind vented. Below you will find products I am using at home. These products have been tried and tested by me and are my personal favorites at the moment. I bought all from Earth Mother.

Laundry and home cleaners

The best of the best for me at present. I just love Ecover products. I’ve never had an issue will stain removal power. Always performs and to think all that power is coming from plants and nothing else! I use the dishwasher tabs too and again so powerful, love love love! Try them out!

Personal hygiene

New in my home is this eco toothpaste and eco tooth brushes. I find the bristles on my medium brush slightly soft so il try out the firmer option on my next purchase. My sons little toothbrush and toothpaste works great. This toothpaste is flavour free. So he doesn’t want to eat the entire tub now! So far we are impressed.

The shampoo and conditioner has being lovely to use. I have really dry hair naturally so I use plenty of the conditioner!

Best buy in this department has to be the palm free soap! It is pure luxury to use and smells so gorgeous too. Lathers really well and leaves your skin super soft! Will definitely be buying more of this for showering and as gifts!

Personal skincare and make up

When it come to my own skin care and make up I have completely converted over to Bare Minerals. Already having a couple of items in my drawer at home it has only been in the past year that I have turned to this brand entirely. Visit their site and check out the vast range of products on offer. All natural and cruelty free.

These are changes I have made recently and by no means perfect but we try. I read that we dont need a few people making perfect changes everyday. We need many people to make small, imperfect changes everyday.

We all get the same 24hours everyday.

Surely we can all make some small change for our families .

Lead my example, encourage better choices for our health and our planets health. Say no to animal tested products, say no to toxic ingredients in our food, cleaners, beauty products etc that our families bodies are breathing and ingesting everyday.

Make some small change, however tiny you think it may be, it counts. It matters!


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