This is a very personal post I have decided to share with all of you. I believe we are all the captains of our own ships. I believe we have to work everyday, to master our abilities.

Your wellbeing is so important.

It is not something to shrug at, or say ‘well for some’. Your children depend on you, the person, the individual. Not the latest toy or holiday of a lifetime. A happy parent will create a happy child and a happy home.

Like so many others, I have struggled at times. I had lost my way. Now, I choose to create time to reflect, and breathe. Be it JUST 5 minutes at night or an hour that I’ve arranged to be with myself. My own judge and jury.

During this time, I choose to reflect, write, draw or simply just inhale and exhale. Some people feel they don’t need to take this time. I used to feel that way too. Until one day I stopped judging people that did put wellbeing and personal development on the priority list. I realised how much I needed to join them. I am reaching out to those of you, who deep inside know, you need to, for you and your family.

This is a poem I wrote for my Son’s. I wrote it during a time when I was climbing my way out of bunkers, my mind had somehow fallen into. I let my guard down and discovered that writing made me feel good. Let me express my feelings and gave me confidence.

My hope is, that by reading my post and sharing my poem, you will be inspired to make yourself a priority, for yourself and your family.

This poem is dedicated to my son’s Diarmuid & Donnacha. My greatest inspirations.

To the Future You

By Amanda Rispin

What can you remember?

What do you know?

When you think of me now,

Do the memories flow?

Are they happy and kind?

Do you think I did well?

Can you remember my comfort each time that you fell?

Do you remember the laughter or the tears that we shared?

Do you think of how much I love you and of how much I cared?

I hope you are happy,

I hope you are well,

I hope life is kind,

And leaves little to dwell.

Go climb those trees,

Jump in every puddle,

Explore your whole world,

But return to me for a cuddle.

Smile and reach for the stars,

Remember time passes so fast,

To the future you,

From me in the past.

Have you a story to share? I would love to hear from you.



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