When you hear the term ‘cloth nappy’ do your eyes roll? Do you think of cost? Do you judge the people who choose them? Do you think ugh time consuming!? Do you think all of the above and them some…?

Before having babies, I know I thought all of the above and more times than not I never thought about it at all. It just wasnt a priority.

It was through the birth of my first son that I looked at what I fed him and what I dressed him in, and I mean really looked at it. Prior to his birth, I would strongly have been of the opinion that cheap will do to dress him and whatever fruit and veg specials were on in the supermarket, would feed him and that is just how it was for me at the time. ( Il chat about Organic produce another time)

Then he was born and like most first time Mums and Dads we wanted the sun moon and stars for our son and all of those pre baby ideas we had vanished. It no longer mattered what we had previously thought, if he was in need we would do what we could to provide.

In his early weeks of life, he developed head to toe eczema that wouldn’t clear up. It got progressively worse and try as we did to find a cream that would relieve him it was a torturous journey for all of us. His eczema got so bad he would cry uncontrollably to dress him, bathe him, hold him. Not fun as a new Mam and Dad!

So during this process I began to really look at quality over quantity and what was on the market to help erase things that would trigger flare ups from our daily routines. Every time we visit the doctor we were handed steroid after steroid which while it would help the symptoms during a bad flare up, it would then cause thinning of my sons skin, which led to a seperate kind of skin irritation.

It was a cycle that I was uncomfortable with and decided we needed to try prevent the symptoms as best we could, instead of just manage the cycle.

The first thing we changed was what kind of creams we would use. We began with creams that were completely natural with no hidden parabens or chemicals or toxins that would cause reddening and irritation of his skin when applied. I alternate between a mix of Welda creams and also MooGoo on my son’s skin. They never cause irritations or reddness when applied.

The next issue was nappy rash. Supermarket mainstream plastic nappies, no matter what the brand left my son’s bottom sore with red line irritations around his groins. I decided to turn to cloth nappies.

After extensive research online I found a brand that seemed to fit the bill for me. Bumgenius Elemental

They are an all in one cloth nappy with a 100% organic cotton inner and waterproof outer layer. They are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. What does that mean? Click here

I ordered a stash along with a wetbag, a pail bucket and flushable liners. When they arrived I wasn’t sure how practical this would be. I had watched demo videos over and over to make sure I was putting them on correctly to avoid any leaks. I also dreaded that first soiled nappy, (hence I chose to use liners), and stressed about how awful it was going to be to change and wash these nappies…….

I cannot describe how easy cloth nappies are!

Applying a cloth nappy…

  1. Take a nappy
  2. Place a liner inside(if using)
  3. Close the nappy

Changing the nappies…

  1. Open nappy
  2. Tip liner into toilet
  3. Flush
  4. Pop nappy into dry pail bucket until wash day with rest of nappies.

Wash Day

  1. Prewash cold
  2. 60Β° wash with detergent
  3. Cold rinse
  4. Line dry or tumble dry (line dry is best plus the nappies hanging out is a sight for sore eyes! So cute!) I live in Ireland, during winter I rely on tumble dryer mostly!

Congratulations you just changed and washed your first cloth nappy and eliminated one less plastic nappy sitting in landfill for the next who knows how many CENTURIES…that’s right, every plastic nappy ever manufactured still sits in a landfill….

My only grievence is when out on a day trip you must potentially carry the soiled nappies about in the wet bag. It’s not a huge problem as the bag is fit for purpose and doesn’t smell but personally I just don’t like the idea, so I currently use a mainstream disposable. Dont judge me! I am in the process of researching a good quality biodegradable replacement…so when I have tried and tested these I will blog about which I like the best and would reccommend you trying.

Want some environmentally friendly detergent now that you’ve begun saving our planet one nappy at a time click here!

What would I like to see happen?

I would love to see more people using cloth nappies on their children. I think they need to be advertised better to show parents that they really are not the chore you think they are.

They are so environmentally friendly and so kind to my son’s skin, I can’t describe the relif it has given him from that dreaded nappy rash! I personally have not experienced one single rash on my son’s bottom through the use of cloth.  He is now 2! On days where he has been in plastic, a rash develops more times than not.

They are seriously budget friendly and cost hundreds and hundreds of euro less than using mainstream plastic disposables.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the use, maintenance of cloth. I would be happy to help!

Warm Regards

Panda 🐼x

Amanda Rispin

Irish Mammy to 2 boys
Childcare and Montessori professional
On a personal journey to improve my wellbeing and my personal development


  1. Amanda I am just loving your blog, keep up the great and interesting work. Lots of love Linda and Sadie πŸ’—

    1. Hi Linda and Sadie! Thank you so much for your feedback. Your the first to send it and it’s really nice to hear. Hope you enjoy my future posts as much too πŸΌπŸ’š

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