My name is Amanda Rispin.

I am an Irish Mammy to 2 young boys and also a Montessori and Childcare trained professional with experience spread over 15 years in the sector. From the early days of college work experience, many children have called me ‘Panda’. It is a nickname that has filtered through to present day. I am a hobbyist Artist & Poet. I enjoy painting and writing as a way to relax and unwind during my free time. My late father Harold Rayfus was a wonderful artists who created many pieces of beautiful art of Horses, Dogs and Historical Monuments of our local town of Trim. My Mother June Rayfus is a truly talented Interior Designer, click here to visit her website . With such a creative upbringing in the family home, I inherited a passion to create and is something I encourage with my own children today. I also have a huge passion for promoting health and wellness in an environmental way to families around the wider community.

Panda Loves Baba began originally as a Blog in October 2018. A place where I shared my experience as a Childcare professional and as a Mother. My interest in natural products came after the birth of my first son (Diarmuid) in 2016. He developed a very bad case of infant eczema. With the help of an amazing Dermatologist we got it under control after many months of very uncomfortable head to toe breakouts.

I began to research and study the skin and natural products that would be non irritating on my son’s skin. I began using organic cotton cloth nappies, unscented natural wipes and bath & body creams with no additives of ingredients we could not pronounce! Through this research I really became aware of what I was using each day on our skin and in our foods. Alarmed by the hidden and unspoken additives, effects on the environment, animal habitat destruction and the people and families exposed to such harmful conditions, I knew the way forward for us as a family was to live in a more Eco Conscious way that no longer supported this.

We want to lead by example for our sons, for their future and try encourage the wider community to make some small change if not for ourselves then for our children.

With the support of my family, I decided to pair my passion with my knowledge and open a lifestyle boutique that offers shoppers a very transparent shopping experience. A place where you can find all your day to day needs and wants without having to hop from one site to the next, researching products backgrounds and authenticity along the way.

It is my goal to inspire and enhance a lifestyle that has wellness at heart from my family to yours.

Panda Loves Baba is your one stop Family & Home Eco Conscious Lifestyle Boutique.
We have teamed up with companies we trust and personally use as a family. That share our passion and enthusiasm to support ethical, environmentally friendly and animal cruelty free lifestyle products. We encourage change and support our selected brands efforts to bring change into their businesses each day.

If you have any questions I invite you to get in touch. I would be happy to tell you all about the steps each company has taken and continue to take, to ensure they are offering fair wages, fair working conditions, animal cruelty free policies, natural ingredients, sustainable or recycled textiles in their products, while ensuring the production process leaves the most minimal footprint on our environment as possible.

By shopping with us you are both creating and supporting wellness and positive change for your family, the future of our planet and every living inhabitant, from the smallest bug to the tallest tree.

You can shop Panda Loves Baba online and have everything delivered to your door.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!

Panda x


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